Sunday, 13 April 2014

How To (I) Clean Makeup Brushes!

Hello ladies, today's post is a bit of a 'how to' or 'how I' clean my brushes. I decided to do this post because I remember when I started cleaning my brushes and I didn't really know were to start!
As a little disclaimer, I don't want you to change how you clean your brushes this is simply just how I do mine, If you would like to try it out go a head and leave a comment to tell me how you got on! Now lets get started.....

What you will need

makeup brushes (obv)
antibacterial hand wash/ liquid soap or Normal soap ( I'm using Baylis&Harding)
 warm running water
ledge or shelf

Step 1
Start to soak your brushes in warm water making sure not to go past the ridge/lines in the middle of the brush, if you get water in the ridges/line you will dampen the glue causing all you bristles to come out! Also point your brush down on an angle never up otherwise water will seep in!x

Step 2

Squeeze some hand wash into your palm and start to swirl the brush around in your hands gently, making sure not to be too rough. Repeat this twice if the brush is very mucky. Also you might of thought you have washed your brushed properly but look in the middle of the bristles because there usually is some makeup there!

Step 3

Rinse the soap off the brush and run it under cold water for 30 seconds.

Step 4 

Place your brushes on a ledge or shelf, with just the brush bristles hanging over the edge, this allows the air to work its way through the whole brush compared to just drying the top. It will also allow the brush to dry to its natural shape. I also recommend placing a towel underneath them for any drips.
If you need to use your brushes straight away blast them with a hair dryer on cold air setting.

Hope you found this post helpful, Let me know in the comments!
Till next time .... xoxoxo


  1. I'm quite proud of myself as I actually brought some brush cleaner on holiday with me to clean my brushes!


  2. Love this way of brush cleaning. Happy Monday. :)

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  3. Good Collection of Brushes! :)


  4. Great tips, i never knew the bristles could come out if you wet the top of the bristles!

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  5. cleansing brushes is so important: and I agree with you that you should treat them as it were your own hair :)

  6. good post :)

  7. Great tips dear!! Thanks for them!


  8. Thanks for sharing your makeup brushes cleaning tips.
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  9. Heey hun great post,I love it,feel free to visit my blog and my new post :)

  10. This is how I do my brushes too.. that soap sounds so lovely, I love the bottle xx

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  12. Thank you for this helpful tips!!

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  14. Great informative post! Washing brushes is such a chore haha.

    Alice x

  15. omg these tips are actually so helfpul for me because I have to clean mine asap ;)


  16. I do not know anything about make-up!! Fortunate you. I would love to be an expert like you! Thanks for following my blog on Bloglovin. I follow you immediately too!!

    1. This is such a lovely comment!! Although im not an expert hehe! thanks x

  17. Great post, thanks for sharing! A great toner is one of my essential makeup besties! I'll have to check these out.

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  18. This is so helpful! Thanks :)

  19. Great little tutorial girl! I definitely have to be better about cleaning my brushes!!
    xo TJ

  20. mmmm good to know...never did it...maybe is about time :)