Saturday, 26 October 2013

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world - Marilyn Monroe

Hey all, Sorry its been like forever since my last post but im back!!!!!!!!
I have not stopped shopping this week and I'm worn out, I've even been Christmas shopping but I still had time to treat myself. I've been eyeing a pair of black and white Marnie shoes in the sale from Top Shop for a while now but they haven't had my sale, and by chance I went online and found a pair in a 5 It had to be fate!!
But that's not all I've been doing The past few weeks have been a mix of nerves and excitement as I had my mole removed. It was super painful but so worth it (pics below)! Ive been searching for a new concealer to cover up the scar for the time being  but I cant seem to find one I like.. any suggestions?


till next time
Iz x


  1. I love that quote and those shoes are wonderful! I've been loving flats lately.


  2. oh do not worry, I also haven't been posting regularly recently but we are finally back ;)))


  3. love the quote. been loving payless and tj maxx for shoes lately. xx. gigi.

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    Much Love,

  5. If I could recommend any concealer it would definitely be MAC Studio Finish Concealer, the coverage is incredible!

  6. Love these shoes! They are so pretty :)

    Fairytale Kiss

    Jade xx