Saturday, 10 August 2013

The answer to our shoe prayers!

Hello my fellow Fashionistas,
Today's post is definitely something I need and hopefully one you need or will need in the future.
I have finally found a trick to break new shoes in. I recently saw this on pinterest and had to share! This is something we all experience with new shoes that are wooden and need to be broken in to and its so simple to fix just follow these steps!

what you will need

Pinned Image

what to do

pop on some thick socks, put your shoes on and blow dry at the bits that need stretching and Bobs your uncle!

I hope you find this post as useful as i did!

peace and love
Izzy x


  1. Cool title of your post dear! thank you for a great tip



    1. Thanks so much, ill pop by your blog.
      Izzy x