Saturday, 20 April 2013

Mac makeup review and exciting news!

Hello all , hope your all fine and dandy, In an old post i talked about what I wanted for christmas as you know I asked for some MAC makeup and I was lucky enough to get a MAC gel eyeliner , MAC eyeliner brush, MAC mascara , MAC brush set and a £50 pounds MAC voucher.Ive been desperate to do a review on these products but wanted to wait till i had used it for a while.
The eyeliner for me was fabulous , its a perfect consistency and colour , it goes on to the eye like a dream the eyeliner brush was good as well highly recommended for people who like a thick line.
The mascara is also really good but if used wrongly it can clump but otherwise really pretty feathery , long eyelashes. My favourite Mac present has to be the brushes , they come in a beautiful cheetah print case , there are 4 brushes in the case Socket brush , Concealer brush , Foundation prickle brush and a Powder brush. There all made from goats hair and are extremely Soft , the only downer on the brushes are that you do get a few hairs falling out! Overall I'm extremely pleased with all the products let me know if you buy them and tell me how you find them!
Now for the good news! Im going to start beauty/hair/makeup/reviews videos on you tube. I will let you know when i start them and give you the link! How exciting!

Lots of love
Izzy x

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