Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Olsen twins and colour full hair x

Hi all , I've decided to do a 1/2 of my post on the Olsen twins , I've been a big fan of the twins for a long time , I mostly admire there style , every photo and video they look fabulous , they definitely helped me produce my own style and play a big part in my eye for fashion.

Now is for a very sore subject , is my hair .. It used to be a beautiful blonde but over the years it turned ginger , I begged my mum to let me die it blonder but there was no luck , so I tried asking her if I could die it a crazy colour like candy floss pink or lavender purple but it was still a big NO , so I can only dream. Oh well !

App of the week is the new BLOGGER app much easier go use than the old one , worth the download !

Goodbye for now !x

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