Friday, 9 November 2012

Oh hello there

Oh i do apologise for not posting for weeks but I've been soo busy with London , castings and school but i promise I'm back now .. So lately a girl in my year asked me what was my style? I was very shocked that i didn't know the answer to this , and then i thought about it and came up with a bit of a mash up ... Urban/vintage/hipster/grunge and yes I'm only 12 how could i possibly know my style? But i base my life on fashion and writing about fashion making fashion and well ..... Being fashionable.
Its hard being the only kid in your class with 60's black and white platforms but if your really into fashion then you support it and don't follow the crowd.
Ooo and i found this toootsss anazeballs song that's french but AMAZING ill post it down below!

Lots of love ... Iz x

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