Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A bit of a change!

Hello guys , well today has been very odd , I found out I need glasses , I bought semi -permanent die for my hair and completely changed my room around. But let's rewind and start from the beginning.

So the biggest change if all ..... The glasses , gladly there only for reading and righting and they only cost £12 but I think there pretty stylish considering ASDA opticians range isn't that great. But I was happy with my choice and I get them in 2 weeks!

The hair: So when I was all finished up in the opticians I headed over to boots to pick up 'botanics light blond hair dye' ( barring in mind this is semi-permanent). As soon as I got home I applied it to my hair , sat for 20 mins and washed it off followed by drying it. After a quick evaluation of the finished look I wasn't impressed , thank god it was 3 for 2 because it was just a waist of time and money , my hair basically looked the same except from a few odd blond streaks ! I shall definitely not be purchasing that again !

And lastly my bedroom , well i used to have a massive Cath Kidston table in my room but my room is like a match box so it just wasn't working for me , so I decided to swap with my sister and take her dressing table , now my room looks sooo much bigger and brighter ! I couldn't be more happy !

Till next time x

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