Sunday, 23 September 2012

A bit about me !

Well looking at my posts I haven't really told you what my likes and dislikes are , my style etc. Lets get started !

likes : Rookie mag , Girl guts, Starbucks , debating , shopping, dancing ( well if that what you call my little awkward wiggle in the middle of the dance floor -_-) , doing my makeup , winged eyeliner , originality and chocolate!

Dislikes : pigeons , bees, horror movies, common people , summer , high street shops.

How old are you?
12 going on 20

When were you born ?
Second of June 2000

Who are your style icons ?
Alexa Chung , Mary Kate and Ashleigh , Bridgit Bardot , fern cotton , Cara D and Jameela Jamil.

what do you aspire to be?
A model , stylist , fashion icon , designer, make up artist , magazine editor

What is your biggest achievement?
being born.

What's your favourite shop ?
Rocket, etsy , urban outfitters , thrift stores , pretty green , Fred perry

Who's your favourite designer ?
Henry Holland ,Vivienne Westwood , Vera Wang bridal , Betsy Johnson and Alexander McQueen.

What's your style?
Grunge , ashcan , vintage , Mod , skinhead

Natural and fresh faced.

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