Saturday, 15 November 2014

Building a wardrobe!

So recently I've noticed that a lot of girls my age including my friends find it hard to buy clothes that are stylish yet affordable. I have the same problem myself as I am in school and don't have a job.
But I didn't let that stop me, I devised a plan were I would be able to buy clothes starting with what I already have. I thought this would be excellent to share with you and I hope you enjoy!

1) Talk to your parent/guardian and discuss with them that you want to revamp your wardrobe.

2) Start to sort through the clothes you already have, decide what you want to keep and what you don't need/want anymore. If your finding this hard ask yourself 'when was the last time I wore this' if you can't remember put it in a bin bag.

3) Now set up and embay account or bag up your clothes and take them to a cash for clothes shop  (we're they weigh your clothes and give you money for them) If you chose eBay ( You may need help from a parent to set up an account) start selling your clothes, use eye catching titles and get friends to help you take good photos.

4) In the meantime whilst you wait for your clothes to sell, start thinking about what your colour pallet will be (depending on the season your buying in). Warm dark colours for winter/autumn and light, bright colours for summer.

5) When you have your money it's time to shop! This is were you have to be very careful NO impulse buying and NO expensive shops, we're going to create a wardrobe with versatile staple pieces that can be chopped and changed into different outfits.

6) Now hit all affordable shops, H&M, Tkmax etc. If you have access, shop online for even more affordable shops.
You should be looking for...
1 pair of skinny jeans
 2 different Plain dresses
1 jacket/Blazer
3+ Tops
Nude/black Ballet flats
1 statement necklace.
1 Coat
With these items of clothing the combinations are limitless.

7) Get home and play around with your new clothes, create different looks for Morning and night, Cold and warm, Casual and Formal etc..

Thankyou for reading!
Till next time xo

Sunday, 24 August 2014

U.S.A and Lipsticks/glosses

Hi everyone, 
Im back from my month long USA trip, and hear to tell you all about the beautiful beaches of Ana Maria Island (blog post to come) to overboard makeup shopping. We started our adventure as always in Terrace ridge condo -Kissimmee Florida- filling our days with shopping sprees and fun days in Disney/Universal.
We were even lucky enough to be at the opening at the very magical Diagonal alley (Wizarding world of Harry potter) complete with a delicious butterbear and watching a 7 hour long que of thrill seekers waiting to ride 'Escape from gringotts', a ride definitely not for us!!!
Stepping into the movie and walking around 'London', Diagonal alley experiencing the moving the shop displays and fire breathing dragons including boarding the Hogwarts Express watching out the window seeing Dracos house and the flying car, it truly was magical. 

Not forgetting the 'Oldie but a Goodie' rides such as E.T and Pirates of a Caribbean plus an amazing Festival of the Lion King show.
Lastly I've got to mention the food, every mouthful was just bursting of flavour, it's definitely safe to say that american food (and service) is the best!

After being plumeted down The Tower of Terror's 190 feet high lift, Shopping was a much needed breath of fresh air! From Dollar stores to Macys, we certainly didn't shy away from the stores. Spending all my pennies on my one and only love ....... Makeup!

Here is a picture of my crazy haul below...

I couldn't possible show all my makeup in one go so in this post I'm breaking it down and just doing 
Lipsticks and Lipglosses 

 All of these lipsticks range from $1-$6 and really don't need individual reviews as all were gorgeous and really do what they say on the tin i.e says matte is matte.


The same with the lipsticks these all range from $1-$6 and are all beautiful colours and super creamy.
The last two elf ones are lip stains.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and just as a side note most of the lip products are available in the uk.
Till next time 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Mug cake, Just a fad or the next best thing?

Hey guys, So lately I've been seeing so many posts and videos about Mug cakes and how good they are so I thought I would give it a try! Just in case your not familiar with one of these, Its basically a cake mix shortened down to a 1 person serving size and cooked for 3 minutes. Perfect for last minute deserts if your planned one goes wrong! Here im going to show you how to make it and my verdict!
Also really quick I want to give a BIG shout out to my good friend Julia who has just started a blog, Please go check out her blog and give your support!

Mug cake!!

You will need ....

4 tbsp self raising  flour
4 tbsp caster sugar
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 medium egg
3 tbsp milk
3 tbsp vegetable/sunflower oil
A few drops vanilla
2 tbsp chocolate chips/nuts/raisins etc (optional)

Step 1

Okay so your going to want to go ahead and add all your dry ingredients and give them a good mix!

Step 2

Next add all your wet ingredients, but not your optional extras! 

Step 3

Throw your optional ingredients in and the pop it in the microwave for 3 minutes checking it every 1 minute.

Step 4

Grab it out the microwave *caution its hot* and add a topping if you like such as icing or cream ect.

Step 5

Im giving this mug cake a 3.5/5, Its not the best thing ive tried but it fills a hole and is perfect for an emergency dinner party dessert!
Hope you enjoyed this little cooking post 
Lots of Love..... Izzy 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Catchup&Chanel Mascara review!

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't blogged in so long, I've been so busy with exams and school work I have just completely forgotten to blog! I am back now though with a week off school I hope to bring new and exciting posts! I also want to apologise for the picture situation on my last two posts, when I heard in the comments you couldn't see them I was gutted but I can assure you I'm trying my hardest to sort the problem!
Now onto the post, I haven't done a makeup review in a while so I thought I would do a mascara one! If you read my past posts you will see I love Mac mascara but lately I have found a new favourite its the "CHANEL Inimitable Volume Length Curl Separation Natural Result " *Vlong title*.
Its a thin, plastic bristle brush with a gorgeous non clump formula, and I mean it when I say 'it does what it says on the tin'!
My lashes were immediately lengthened with only one coat, I was so impressed! I bought it at Debenhams for £25 and I honestly think its a steal, here are some photos below.....

Till next time..... xoxo

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mini Superdrug haul and New pallet!

Hello lady's, hope your all okay!
I've been a bit bad lately and have been removing my makeup with baby wipes *cry/gasp/faint*
So I went shopping in Liverpool town whilst my mum had a business meeting and I bought some skin care products! They have been rated high by beauty bloggers so I though Id give them a try.
I got ....

Superdrug's own B.Pure Micellar water, its a 3-in-1 cleanser and is suitable for all skin types. £2.47

I do actually really like this, its a copy of the French Micellar water by Bioderma  it doesn't feel chemically on your face, it doesn't have a smell which I personally like because it feels more natural!
it thoroughly cleans your face and lifts all dirt!

Simply pure refreshing toner - Paraben free - £2.59

This is a gorgeous toner it smells lovely, very gentle and removes the last bits of makeup fabulously!
Superdrug Vitamin E Radiance £2.99

This is probably one of my favourite moisturisers, it not only has a SPF15 but its a radiance cream so it gives you a beautiful shine, brilliant for no makeup days.
It also smells amazing!!

New pallet!! £2.85
I got this pallet of eBay after hearing amazing reviews and after seeing it I'm impressed, the delivery was quick and 'm so happy with the product, I'll leave the link below!
The pallet is a concealer pallet and includes 15 shades including...
Green to correct redness i.e. spots blemishes rosacea and even sunburn
Purple (lilac) to correct and yellow undertones in the skin
White to highlight areas such as inner corners of your eye or cupids bow.
and a multiple of different skin shades from light to a dark chocolate shade.

Till next time..... xoxox

Sunday, 13 April 2014

How To (I) Clean Makeup Brushes!

Hello ladies, today's post is a bit of a 'how to' or 'how I' clean my brushes. I decided to do this post because I remember when I started cleaning my brushes and I didn't really know were to start!
As a little disclaimer, I don't want you to change how you clean your brushes this is simply just how I do mine, If you would like to try it out go a head and leave a comment to tell me how you got on! Now lets get started.....

What you will need

makeup brushes (obv)
antibacterial hand wash/ liquid soap or Normal soap ( I'm using Baylis&Harding)
 warm running water
ledge or shelf

Step 1
Start to soak your brushes in warm water making sure not to go past the ridge/lines in the middle of the brush, if you get water in the ridges/line you will dampen the glue causing all you bristles to come out! Also point your brush down on an angle never up otherwise water will seep in!x

Step 2

Squeeze some hand wash into your palm and start to swirl the brush around in your hands gently, making sure not to be too rough. Repeat this twice if the brush is very mucky. Also you might of thought you have washed your brushed properly but look in the middle of the bristles because there usually is some makeup there!

Step 3

Rinse the soap off the brush and run it under cold water for 30 seconds.

Step 4 

Place your brushes on a ledge or shelf, with just the brush bristles hanging over the edge, this allows the air to work its way through the whole brush compared to just drying the top. It will also allow the brush to dry to its natural shape. I also recommend placing a towel underneath them for any drips.
If you need to use your brushes straight away blast them with a hair dryer on cold air setting.

Hope you found this post helpful, Let me know in the comments!
Till next time .... xoxoxo

Monday, 7 April 2014

Peaches Honeyblosssom Geldof.

Just a a short post this evening following the death of one of my favourite fashion icons Peaches Geldof. She died at the 
young age of 25 , Leaving behind 2 young children and a loving husband.
So sad, Such a beautiful woman. RIP 

Friday, 4 April 2014

Grand national fashion!

Although I'm not at the races this weekend it doesn't stop me from sitting at home browsing through all the pics of fascinators and frocks! I love this time of year and if you do too join me as I reveal my Yay's (sadly there are not many) and Nay's of  Aintree's racegoers. Let me know in the comment's what you think!!


Here is my no1 favourite, she looks so chic in a matching pant suit and clutch + shoes
Chic: A beautifully dressed racegoer shows off her elegant pink suit and sensible silver flats
These next ladies are this group in a nude/peach ensemble
Team outing: These girls look nicely colour coordinated
Daniel O'Hara looks classy in a coral dress.
Stalwart: Danielle O'Hara is a regular at Aintree and looked lovely in her coral pink dress
And lastly this lady in all white and a beautiful statement necklace.
Glamorous: A stylish woman in an all white ensemble


erm errr.....
Someone's having fun! A racegoer appears to be a little squiffy after indulging in a drink or two while watching the action on the first day at Aintree
pretty sure were not at prom
Romantic: A prettily dressed racegoer plumps for an ethereal gown complete with sparkles
A racegoer picks a lovely colour but flashes a little too much flesh
ruffles...ruffles Every were
Having fun: A lady in an eye-catching purple ensemble giggles as she enjoys the sunshine